Summer is Almost Here!

We had a few sunny days here in WA and it’s started everyone to thinking about summer. My plans are to enjoy my backyard, have some adventures with my dogs, and keep read read reading. Just finished book 70 of the year!

I have a little chemo break happening right now because I’ve made the decision to switch to Doxil, which will start May 25. This is the first time I’ve changed treatments due to side effects and not because the current treatment was not working. My tumor markers have tripled since November, so I feel like chances are the Taxotere was starting to lose it’s efficacy. But the markers overall are still low and the PET scan showed only small progression, so I could have kept doing Taxotere for a few more months. But it was getting so hard to just live. I was spending most of my time sleeping and the few days after infusion were so miserable that I would just lay in bed and tell myself I was never going to do this again. So, time for change. Not sure that Doxil will be any better, but I’ll learn more in a few weeks!

Another plan for this summer is to do the Walk for Old Dogs to fundraise for Old Dog Haven. If you’ve got a few bucks to donate to the care of old pups, please check out my fundraising page!

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